Refurbished Nintendo Deals for 2020 up to 5% off

February 5, 2020    Electronics Gifts 
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The Best of Nintendo - Only Cheaper!

Nintendo's gaming options have always attracted gamers both because of the quality of the games and the ability to enjoy those games on-the-go. We have combined a list of Nintendo products that are currently available at a great discount. Check them out and make sure you grab those deals before someone else takes them!

Our Top Pick

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Nintendo Switch HAC 001

Nintendo Switch is the latest game console from the world-renowned Japanese company. It has quickly won the hearts of many gamers, thanks to its portability, premium quality, and affordable price. In this package, you'll get a console, 2 controllers, a docking station used for charging, and HDMI cable for connecting it to your HD TV. You can use Nintendo Switch with your family at home or improve your boring train ride by playing your favorite games in handheld mode. It has a solid battery life that will last you up to 6.5 hours of playtime.

Nintendo Switch weighs short of 300g and is durable thanks to a combination of glass, metal, and composite. With it, you will get two Joy-Con controllers that feel very natural in the hand. They are also easily detachable, which is great for playing wireless. The left Joy-Con features a photo button, which lets you take screenshots mid-game. Nintendo Switch has a high-quality 6.2-inch touch screen that gives a solid 720p resolution in which everything looks crisp. Switch's graphics quality easily dominates every rival handheld console currently on the market.

For convenience, there's a neat kickstand on the backside of the console. It can easily stand on its own, and you'd have to use quite a bit of force to knock it down. Nintendo Switch offers 32 GB of space, but this can easily be improved. Underneath the kickstand, there's a microSD slot that also supports microSDHC and microSDXC cards, so you will never run out of space for your games.

A docking station is made from durable plastic and is lightweight. You can easily put and remove your Nintendo Switch, and it holds it securely while charging. Switch is a family console, and as such offers parental control to manage everyone's interaction.

Aside from its impressive technical features, Nintendo Switch also looks great visually. It has a lightweight, minimalist design. You can easily take it everywhere you go and become the life of the party. With a variety of amazing games like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda, Nintendo Switch will keep you interested for a long time.

The Runner Up

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Nintendo Switch Lite

With Switch Lite, Nintendo offers a solid gaming console at a more affordable price then its older brother. Nintendo Switch Lite is specifically optimized for handheld play, so it is perfect for those looking for a portable console they can take anywhere. It comes with a built in control pad and has a robust unibody design. Its dimensions are 3.6 x 8.2 x 0.5 inches with a solid 5.5 inch touch screen that has 720p resolution. It makes up for its small size with better pixel density (267 ppi compared to originals 236 ppi) which provides a sharper image quality. Nintendo Switch Lite is also a lighter model (275 g), so your arms won't get tired as easily.

Like Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite is compatible with hit titles such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Fortnite, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. It also has a multiplayer option (through WiFi), but you will need to subscribe to Nintendo Online Service. You may also connect up to 4 Joy Cons (sold separately) if you want to battle it out with one of your buddies.

Comfort is one of the consoles best features, as it can easily fit into a bigger pocket. Switch Lite buttons offer even better tactile response than its predecessor. Up, down, left, and right buttons are now replaced with a D-Pad which feels quite natural. Furthermore, it has an improved battery life, so it will last 4 - 7 hours, compared to 3 - 6 from original. Nintendo Switch Lite also has a space for MicroSD cards, so you can upgrade the basic storage capacity of 32 GB up to 256 GB, which is more than enough.

Furthermore, there is a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer so you can use your own hand movement to control some aspects of Nintendo's games. Brightness is automatically adjusted to your surroundings, which is quite useful. Unfortunately, this model doesn't have a docking option, so if you are looking to play at home on the big screen Nintendo Switch is still the way to go. If you want to be gaming on-the-go on the budget, look no further.

The console is available in following colors: gray, yellow, turquoise, and special Zacian and Zamazenta edition.

If you are still unsure whether to go for the Lite Switch or not, read up this Nintendo Switch Lite review by Slashgear to help you make up your mind.

Worthy Mention

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Nintendo Wii

With the release of Nintendo Wii, the popular Japanese gaming company continued to tread its unique trajectory. This console didn't go the way of ever-more realistic graphics like Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, but that doesn't mean that the games available on Wii aren't as fun. Quite the contrary. Nintendo Wii has something for everybody, whether you are 10, 30, or 60-year-old.

With the console, you will get the Wii Remote and Nunchuck controller, both of which are motion-sensitive thanks to the Sensor Bar. They feature an accelerometer and internal gyroscope that will provide you with the most accurate reading of your position. Both are powered with alkaline batteries. Aside from being responsive, controllers are intuitive to use but difficult to master. Nintendo Wii is made out of durable material and looks slick.

As you begin learning complex movement patterns you'll realize that its quite a workout. This is a win-win situation, as you challenge your friends for a game of Wii Sports and improve your cardio at the same time. The console also features great single player titles like Wii exclusive Super Mario Galaxy which have impressed many critics.

In games, you are represented by characters called Miis, which collect more points as you become more proficient. Combine this with an excellent online feature, and you can see why Nintendo Wii is an excellent console for playing with your friends at a party. Another strong feature is support for GameCube games. You will be able to play all titles from Nintendo's previous console, which drastically increases the number of games available. It's easy to go back in time and play favorite GameCube titles like Resident Evil 4, Metroid Prime, or explore Luigi's Mansion.

With this interesting concept, Nintendo challenged the concept of lazy gaming. Instead of sitting on your couch, you will use your body to maneuver various obstacles. Nintendo Wii is aimed at casual gamers who aren't afraid of physical exercise, and in this aspect, it does its job perfectly. In fact, it makes for an interesting gift for kids as parents won't mind anything that makes their kids perform healthy physical exercise.

Choose Nintendo Wii if you want to experience gaming in a whole different light.

Worthy Mention

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Joy-Con Charging Station Dock For Nintendo Switch

Imagine having a big party where you have just been playing Nintendo Switch for hours and are having a great time. Suddenly your controllers need charging and everything comes to a screeching halt. Every gamer has faced this issue at his gaming sessions and it just spoils the fun for the rest of the party too. This charging station dock is designed specifically to address situations like this.

Put it simply, it is a must-have if you frequently play Nintendo Switch games in multiplayer mode with your friends. It is designed to fit 4 Joy-Con controllers, which will fully charge in 3.5 to 4 hours. You can also charge two at a time, so you always have backup pairs for marathon sessions. The controllers slide in nearly effortlessly and then lock-in and don't budge.

Each Joy-Con has an LED indicator that tells you if it's still charging (red) or ready to go (green). You don't have to worry you will overcharge the controllers' thanks to the over-voltage protection feature. For charging, you will get a 2.6 foot USB cable which you can plug in Nintendo Switch or your power supply. Joy-Con controllers are not included with the Nintendo Switch charging station.

The base of Nintendo's charging station is quite stable thanks to the 4 anti-slip rubber feet. The charging station doesn't take too much space, so you can leave it hanging around in a corner without worrying somebody will step on it. You can set it up in two minutes and you are good to go.

Joy-Con charging station dock is affordable and will save you a lot of headache in the long run. If you are a fan of games like Splatoon 2, Overcooked 2, Super Mario Party, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, Fortnite or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, having this product is a no-brainer.

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